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Become a partner

To become an associated partner of the Math-Bridge project, please do the following steps:

  1. Fill in the electronic application form below and click "Print Page".
  2. Print and sign the generated application letter on the Officially Headed Paper of your organization.
  3. Send the signed application letter to us:
    • as a scan copy to: contact@math-bridge.org
    • or as a fax to: +49 (0) 681 / 85775 – 5076 (Attention: Sergey Sosnovsky)
    • or as a regular mail to:
      Sergey Sosnovsky

      Principal Researcher,

      Head of the Intelligent e-Learning

      Technology Lab,

      CeLTech, DFKI

      Campus D3.2

      D-66123 Saarbrücken, Germany

The download link will be sent to you using the e-mail you have provided in the application form.

(* required field)
Dear Math-Bridge Consortium Board
By this I would like to inform you that is willing to join the project as an associated partner.
Our organization is interested in the Math-Bridge service, including the European remedial math content and the infrastructure for its delivery. The goals and anticipated results of the project correspond to the core activities of . We plan to participate in the Math-Bridge project in the following ways [please choose the items below in accordance with your intentions]:
obtain access to the Math-Bridge service and discussion forum on the project website;
study the experiences of Math-Bridge partners concerning the capacities of the service and its impact on math education;
analyze the possibilities to employ the Math-Bridge service in our regular academic activities;
conduct a pilot study of the Math-Bridge service in our organization;
contribute to the Math-Bridge content with our learning material;
contribute to the functionality of the Math-Bridge service;
employ the Math-Bridge service for teaching bridging courses in our organization;
use scenarios foreseen by the Math-Bridge service and respective licenses.
We intend to cooperate further with the Math-Bridge consortium providing the feedback on our experience with the Math-Bridge service, acknowledging and promoting the work done by Math-Bridge through our regular dissemination activities.
Sincerely Yours,
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