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The number of drop-out students, in particular in engineering studies, is too high in many European countries. Math-Bridge responds to this problem.

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Multilingual and multicultural content

Content of the Math-Bridge service will be available (at least) in Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, and Spanish. Math-Bridge addresses multi-lingual and multi-cultural issues in a number of innovative ways.
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Project Goals

Remedial content from several European countries is represented and presented to the user in a unified way and translated into different languages. The student can choose between these languages.
Math-Bridge can adapt the presented remedial content to the competencies, language, and the field-of-study of a student.
Math-Bridge will be evaluated at a number of universities/colleges and user feedback matters.
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European Dimension

Math-Bridge is an EU-Projekt and part of the program econtentplus. 10 partners collaborate in interdisciplinary work.

Math-Bridge has an inherently European dimension because it tackles a problem of all European countries, it supports studying in another country, it takes content from several countries and makes it accessible online, it collects useer feedback from several European countries, and the resulting service will be a Pan-European one.
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